“I never thought I’d be living in Pea Ridge. I love it and can’t tell you how happy I am!”

“Before I started working with Alex - I was on the search for a Realtor. I had reached out to one, to only get an E-mail to reach out whenever I had the home approval from the bank. Alex reached out to me and it showed how he really cared to help out his community. 

After we started working together I noticed something different about Alex. The fact that he was very Professional, Passionate, and always responsive with every question I had. Very Committed to what he does and helpful in anyway. 

Alex took time to understand my situation. I am a single mother and my daughter needed her own space. I am a first time home buyer. Before it was very nerve wrecking. So many homes that were out there that needed perhaps, some remodeling. The thoughts I had about how much money was I going to be spent for that. 

After, I definitely didn’t have to remodel and my new home is beautiful just the way it is. I will say it was VERY nerve wrecking signing my life away at the title office, but totally worth it! 

If your thinking about working with Alex and his team. I would say, just let them help you! It never hurts to try and receive the help with a company who is very caring about your personal needs. Especially to a HUGE commitment!! I am very thankful for the support from Alex!

"One of the main factors to Denise  success was the fact she was open to understanding how we could position her and her family to find the Dream Home, in the least amount of time, at an affordable price. Following proven models and systems, leveraging technology and trusting our team to bring her a solution that would work for her.  We connected immediately and both of us agreed on what a successful outcome looked liked for her. Especially in a sellers market, multiple offer situations, limited inventory and a price bracket that is heavily competitive. We made sure we were clear up front on the potential outcomes and what I loved about working with Denise is the fact that she was fully involved in the process trying to learn as much as she can. We considered rehab homes and move in ready homes to help understand what brought the most value to her. 

We ended up finding the perfect home! By being patient and following the process! New Roof, New Windows, and much more a place to call HOME. No REHAB needed!  A space for her daughter to run around in the yard, have fun and a place for Denise to entertain her guest!  I am personally grateful and so excited for Denise and her family. They can now live closer to their family/work and embrace the next stage of their journey.  If you are like Denise don’t hesitate to book a time with us! We are here to serve YOU." - Alex 

Featured testimonials from my clients

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Zero Judgement

“Alex was so incredibly helpful! Not only did he explain everything my husband and I didn’t understand, but there was ZERO JUDGEMENT that came with it. Very refreshing as a young married couple to experience being treated as equal. Alex also made the process as smooth as possible, keeping us to date every step of the way. Highly recommend! 

Mycha T.

Decatur, AR


“If you’re looking for a realtor in NWA give Alex Cordova a call! He really listened to all of our wants, needs and concerns. He completely exceeded our expectations! ... He is dependable, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. Our first home buying experience was better than we could have ever imagined thanks to Alex! He even surprised us with a nice welcome home gift basket and card on closing day! Truly an awesome person and outstanding realtor!”

Kaylie S.

Avoca, AR


“Alex was amazing from the beginning to the end!! He was always so helpful to all of my questions & concerns when I first started looking at houses. Because of his help I was able to close on my dream home today! I highly recommend Alex if your looking for someone who genuinely cares about your needs and wants in a home.” 

Elizabeth S.

Rogers, AR


“Alex’s integrity and attention to detail is World Class. He motivated me when I needed moving and he kept me calm when I wanted to move too fast... He’s absolutely someone you want on your team as he fully understands the concept of everyone winning together.”

John S.

Winslow, AR