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Conquer your way to the end through the confusing, frustrating and endless details involved in ANY real estate transaction, we will be creating together a roadmap to understand what SUCCESS means for YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR GOALS. WHY is this important? 

Identify all potential roadblocks, LEVERAGE proven strategies, and MAXIMIZE technology to help you Build, Protect & Grow your Generational Wealth through Real Estate.

👉 We help people like YOU leverage Real Estate, Technology and Strategies to build generational wealth.

Realtor | Investor | Bilingual

👉 We help people like YOU leverage Real Estate, Technology and Strategies to build generational wealth.


"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go with others" 

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We've helped hundreds of buyers and sellers get results. 

Zero Judgement

“Alex was so incredibly helpful! Not only did he explain everything my husband and I didn’t understand, but there was ZERO JUDGEMENT that came with it. Very refreshing as a young married couple to experience being treated as equal. Alex also made the process as smooth as possible, keeping us to date every step of the way. Highly recommend! 

Mycha T.

Decatur, AR


“If you’re looking for a realtor in NWA give Alex Cordova a call! He really listened to all of our wants, needs and concerns. He completely exceeded our expectations! ... He is dependable, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. Our first home buying experience was better than we could have ever imagined thanks to Alex! He even surprised us with a nice welcome home gift basket and card on closing day! Truly an awesome person and outstanding realtor!”

Kaylie S.

Avoca, AR


“Alex was amazing from the beginning to the end!! He was always so helpful to all of my questions & concerns when I first started looking at houses. Because of his help I was able to close on my dream home today! I highly recommend Alex if your looking for someone who genuinely cares about your needs and wants in a home.” 

Elizabeth S.

Rogers, AR


“Alex’s integrity and attention to detail is World Class. He motivated me when I needed moving and he kept me calm when I wanted to move too fast... He’s absolutely someone you want on your team as he fully understands the concept of everyone winning together.”

John S.

Winslow, AR



1. Discovery Call

You will get direct access to our team during our “Discovery Call” during this 15 minute call. We will go over your current situation, ideal location, target price point,  and your definition of a successful outcome. We will cover the important tactics, strategies and foundations that we must come to understand in order to move forward and ensure we are a good fit for each other.

10-15 minutes

2. Strategic Call

Our team will work with you to analyze your needs and wants for extreme clarity on the outcome during our “Strategic call”.  We will provide you with all of the important levers and information that you will have at your disposal to maximize your Return on Investment. Identifying any potential hiccups and preparing us to overcome any challenges ahead. Extreme clarity allows us to hit the target and be intentional with every move we make.

25 - 45 minutes

3. Onboarding Call

After mutually agreeing to work together, we will provide you with the tools, resources and systems for us to leverage so we can maximize your return on investment. We will provide you with the technology to keep your pulse on the Real Estate market LIVE and make sure you don’t miss potential opportunities in a HOT SELLERS MARKET. We will also provide you with our network of lenders, and other vendors. Helping you avoid running around in circles as timing is critical in this process. 

45 - 60 minutes

4. Kick Off Call/ Visit

Our team will take all of the above and go to work to get you the best possible outcome. After getting over all of the basics and foundations out of the way. We will schedule a “Kick Off Call/Visit” to help us realign our goals and our strategy to move forward. Reaffirming our goals, our scope, the financing, and all potential roadblocks on the Journey to Success. After all we are not promising it to be easy, we are committed to preparing you and helping you Conquer this next stage. After this last visit we will go Live either to start looking at property or sell your investment! We are excited for the opportunity to work together. 

45- 60 minutes

“We rise by lifting others”

Join our hundreds of extremely satisfied clients.


“If your thinking about working with Alex and his team. I would say, just let them help you! It never hurts to try and receive the help with a company who is very caring about your personal needs. Especially to a HUGE commitment!! I am very thankful for the support from Alex!”

Denise P.

Pea Ridge, AR


“We felt ignored and like a bottom priority for others and frankly felt like giving up on search but as soon as Cordova started working with us we felt confident and reassured... Do IT!! No one will work harder or be more in your corner than this guy/team. He always has your interest at heart and will fight for you!” 

Nathan S.

Bentonville, AR


“I remember having him come into the office and the drive that he demonstrated was something like I had never seen. The one thing that really set Alex apart from other potential candidates .. was the fact that money didn’t matter to him. What mattered most to him was securing a stable job, where he could maximize his time at home with his family and to provide the best life he could for them. Sometimes what really makes a difference in an individual is the character that they demonstrate outside of the workplace.” 

Jason C.

Rogers, AR


“Alex is a true contribution to our team and a person who is a reliable “go to” for assistance. He approaches task with enthusiasm and efficiency- has one of those “never say die” attitudes when tackling new or complex challenges, wether they be technical or bureaucratic. Alex’s strategic approach is a prime example of taking an issue and running with it. His assistance and drive has allowed us to focus on the customer’s situation and I believe is instrumental in getting us to a satisfying resolution.”

Chris S

Bentonville, AR


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